Creating an Attractive Youth Internship

Hello Madam Youth Minister.  I bet your office is organized, your volunteers are scheduled for every youth event for the next six months, your funds are all raised, your Pastor is posting on facebook about their amazing Youth Minister and you’ve got a line of parents out your office waiting to pat you on the back and shower you with gifts.  So I’m certain you definitely don’t need any help finding an Intern!  I mean, it’s *insert month here*!!!  Of course you have your intern candidate lined out!

But you’re still reading this, you know, for a friend.  Well, thank you for being here on behalf of that friend!  Let’s help that friend find an Intern!  We’ll be looking at creating a “healthy internship” with diverse ways of finding intern candidates:

A Healthy Youth Ministry Internship has Attractive Salary & Benefits
It has a healthy pay package, and even provides housing for candidates, allowing anyone to apply for the job and not limiting the internship to local candidates.  For those who like numbers, $200-300 per week for 8-12 weeks plus housing provided is very competitive.

A Healthy Youth Ministry Internship has an Attractive Job Description
It may seem selfish, but mature Intern Candidates are always asking, “What will I get out of this?”  So a Job Description that shows, both explicitly and implicitly, THAT the Intern will grow throughout the Internship and even hints at HOW they’ll grow—how they’ll become better candidates for full-time gigs, how they’ll develop their professional tasks, grow in their own faith, and see more of their own passions, gifts and abilities in action.

A Healthy Youth Ministry Internship is Attractive… Everywhere*
The Attractive Job Description (with info on the Attractive Salary & Benefits) is OUT THERE!  It’s posted on facebook forums, on college campus bulletin boards & on your church website.  It’s given to your student alumni.  It’s emailed & texted to Pastors and other Youth Ministers.  It’s even posted on job sites like the YouthSpecialties Job Bank!   

One last thing… 

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Look before you leap.  The process doesn’t always look like progress.  Patience is a virtue.  All things come to he/she who waits.  Slow & Steady wins the raise.  The tortoise beat the hare.  You can’t hurry love...  okay, maybe it was more than one thing.

Oh wait!  They’re all the same thing!  Creating ANYTHING takes time.  And there’s even steps to do before the above-mentioned ones (like budgetary considerations, casting vision to church leadership, figuring out what your intern will do all summer, finding a workspace for them, etc.).  But these steps will help move your church a long way toward creating a healthy culture of employing seasonal ministry interns!

*Not actually everywhere