Doing Internships Intentionally

When does your summer start?

Are you an astronomy nerd, and begin your summer with the solstice? (in 2019, it’s June 21st)
Is it about season-appropriate temperatures? (“When the pool is swimmable, it’s summertime!”)
Or is it when the Spring semester ends and school is out?

“Summer’s” beginning may be more subjective than you’d think, but our summer preparedness need not be affected by that uncertainty. In the context of youth ministry, there are three seasons—fall, spring and summer (four, if you count the 2-3 weeks of winter break).. It’s in that order too: fall starts the school year, spring ends it and summer is the end-of-year break, also known as eight weeks where we cram in two mission trips, a week of camp, a youth retreat, a week of VBS and seven pool parties (or maybe that’s just me?).

But, for churches that hire ministry interns, summer is also a season of intentional discipleship and ministry replication. We are bringing in young ministers and handing them the “keys to the kingdom” (cf. Mt 16:17-20). How Christlike of us!

With that in mind, the next few posts on this forum will focus on adding Intentionality to our Summer Ministry Internships.

Through the lens of intentionality, we’ll look at Preparing For and Beginning the intern’s summer off well (will be posted by June 1*). Then we will look at a Summer-long Framework around which we can build the entire internship (will be posted by June 15). Lastly, we’ll talk about Ending Well and Follow-Up (will be posted by July 1).

It is our hope that these three aspects—a “Beginning, Middle and End” of sorts—of a seasonal internship will allow youth (or children’s, next-gen, etc.) ministers to be freed to fully utilize their gifts, passions and abilities in their specific contexts while also preparing their Ministry Intern for general youth ministry (or children’s ministry, etc).

*Went up June 10th. Sorry about the delay!