About Foundations & Next Steps

Critical & Effective Training


Foundations is everthing you need to get started in youth ministry!

Foundations offers youth workers and volunteers an extensive course on primary material for ministry including: Professionalism, Management, Volunteers, Safety, Relationships, Programming, Missions, Leadership, Adolescent Development, Budgeting, Teaching, Communication, Trips, Resources, and more.

We’ve got a special deal for college-age interns with some extra time to prepare them for their internships, community development, & housing!

Our Next Steps are for those who work with young people and have a little experience under their belts.

  • Friday afternoon we’ll spend some time with those who are supervising interns over the summer.

  • Saturday we are offering a new certification in youth mental health first aid from 8:30-5:30pm. This is a certification that is good for three years and critical training for anyone who works around young people.