Foundations offers youth ministry workers and volunteers an extensive course on primary material for ministry including: Ministry Basics, Management, Volunteers, Safety, Relationships, Programming, Missions, Leadership, Adolescent Development, Budgeting, Teaching, Retreats, Group Building, Resources, and more.

United Methodist Certification

Certification is The United Methodist Church’s recognition that an individual has been called, made a commitment to serve, and has fulfilled the required standards for academic training, experience, and continuing study to serve with excellence in an area of specialized ministry. There are 5 courses involved, as well as some other pieces involved before completion.  If there are other questions, contact Eddie. 

Graduate Residency -through Center for Youth Ministry Training

Graduate residents gain experience in a 3-year supervised practicum by being placed in a local church while earning a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry through one of our partner seminaries.

Professional Studies in Youth Ministry - Through Southwester College in Kansas

Youth workers come from all different backgrounds and levels of training. Our program allows you to choose to pursue either a standalone certification in youth ministry or a fully-accredited master’s in youth ministry that includes the certification. You can also apply the certification courses as college credit towards a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry. Should you feel a call to seminary part-way through your program, we’re working on partnerships that will allow you to apply your credit towards a graduate-level seminary degree.